On True Love

Do I love you?

Then I will love you when you change your name, your expression of self, your shape, your very identity.

I will love you when you discover who you are and wear that like a brave badge of honor, especially when bravery is a heart-in-throat chokingly difficult thing to embody.

I will love you when you change your style, change your hair color, change your mind, change your preferences, change your favorite food.

I will love you because YOU have not changed: only the outward expression of you, which can only help me know you better.

I will love you when you don’t change.

I will love you when the best thing I can convey is that there is no need to be other than who you are right now in this moment.

If I love you, there are no strings attached.

If I love you, my ideas of you don’t — and can’t — supersede the reality of you.

Anything other than this is not love. It is fear.

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Rhiannon Kelley
Stargazer, medium, druid, student. Activist & rabble-rouser. Married with four kids. Really fucking sweary. Genderqueer & poly. They/them/theirs.

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