Hello, I’m Rhiannon. I am a genderqueer polyamorous nerdy pagan druid. My pronouns are they/them/theirs.

Rhiannon hates MondaysI have four kids, am married to my nesting partner, and I write and troubleshoot code for a living. I divine with Lenormand and the tarot. I sometimes officiate weddings. I post memes and I love Twitter.

I’m a student in a lineage tradition and an introvert whose idea of a good time is snuggles on the couch with Netflix and a drink I made in the kitchen.

My purpose in the world is a thing I am still discovering, but in part it is to raise awareness of social justice issues including #BlackLivesMatter, to find ways to act within the privilege of my whiteness to change things for the black community, and to do those things, to put my reputation and my image and my words on the line.

I also advocate for myself and my queer family members – in medical situations, in the school system, on social media, and everywhere we are.

I love being barefoot outside among the trees, or at least on uncovered ground. I love the autumn skies and the winds that remind me of my ancestors’ continued presence and influence. I love coffee and music and code and video games and really good stories that make me laugh or cry or rethink my entire worldview. I love the rhythm of ritual and the energy of the cycle of the seasons. I love taking pictures of my kids, my surroundings, my favorite people, and myself. I aim to misbehave except when it suits my purposes to follow the rules.

Current favorite self-curated playlists:

Dead & Dying, on Google Play

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Make my bed and lie in it with you, on Google Play